Flossie and the Beach Cleaners want to raise awareness and keep our oceans free from plastic pollution with a Cheeky Calendar for 2021

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Flossie and the Beach Cleaners recently enlisted an enthusiastic group of sea swimmers to model for a “cheeky calendar” to help raise awareness about plastic pollution and funds for their charity.  Volunteer models bravely covered up wearing a smile and pieces of rubbish or pollution collected from recent beach cleans or pulled out of the sea.

Photography by: Fabrice Jolivet

Photography by: Fabrice Jolivet

Where can I get a Cheeky Calendar?

The calendars are on sale now (€15 each) just in time for Christmas shopping. Be sure to add a Cheeky Calendar to your list. You can get them online at https://www.flossieandthebeachcleaners.com/. They are also available at the following local shops:

Dalkey: SuperValu, Select Stores, Corner Note, Barnhill Stores
Sandycove: Sandycove Store and Yard Ltd.
Killiney: SuperValu
Glasthule: 64 Wine, The Punnet

Raising plastic pollution awareness and “eyebrows” with a Cheeky Calendar

As well as raising funds for the charity, the calendar is intended to make people smile in these crazy times and to remind them that whilst COVID – 19 is here we can still appreciate the beauty of where we live whilst cleaning the planet.

The proceeds of the calendars will go towards running the charity’s educational workshops for junior school students as well as their mission to keep our beaches and oceans free of plastic pollution. Due to COVID – 19 restrictions in schools the charity is now hosting workshops on local beaches.

Back in early October, an eager group of 3rd class students from Loreto Primary School, Dalkey took part in a workshop which included: a plastic pollution and climate change chat, recycling quiz, treasure hunt & a beach clean. For more information on future workshops, beach cleans or to volunteer with Flossie and the Beach Cleaners contact Harriet Donnelly at info@flossieandthebeachcleaners.com.

Be an #EcoHero

Flossie and the Beach Cleaners have a weekly #EcoHero competition on social media and ask anyone who finds a really “cool” item on the beach or creates art with items they find (which Flossie calls “Flanksy”) to send in a picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #ecohero and #flanksy. The lucky winner will receive a beanie hat which will really come in handy on a beach cleaning walk this winter.

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